Car show sex appeal

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I kept seeing the commercial all over the television and internet. It was time once again for the annual car show in my home town. I was getting my car ready to enter some contests as well as looking forward to seeing the other cars and owners at the show. Putting the finishing touches on everything, I set out for the show. I arrived to the show about ten minutes later. I was excited to see how many cars were there. This meant more competition for me, but it also meant a chance to look at some amazing cars.

After entering my car in all of the contests that I wanted to enter I began walking around the parking lot looking at all of the cars that were there. I came up to this beautiful red car with an even more beautiful brunette standing next to it. “Is this your husband’s car?” I asked nonchalantly. “No.”, she replied. “It’s my car.” My jaw dropped. I started to envision a video that I had seen on a sex video site. In this video there was naked woman sitting inside of a red car just like this one. I was getting horny thinking about it.

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